A Lil Bit of Self Reflection + Comments

Comment 1 https://taylorsumelj.home.blog/2021/03/14/pitch-perfect-an-introduction-to-my-digital-artefact-3-0-the-future-of-me/ The first pitch I commented on was Taylor’s, they chose to focus their DA on their own personal career plans. Taylor is hoping to become a music journalist or social media marketer. They already have a blog where they have started to create a portfolio of work for future employers. In my … More A Lil Bit of Self Reflection + Comments

The Future of Beauty

The digital artefact is mostly explained in the pitch however here is my production timeline that was mentioned in the video. In terms of sources I found both academic sources and online sources on this topic. I found an academic source Coleman (2010) which discusses the past trends which were popular within the beauty world … More The Future of Beauty